Why Butler Benefit Group?
Our service is


Personalized service

Our service is personalized. We make every effort to ensure that our client's plan(s) are designed as closely as possible to their needs and budget.


Specialized in MA

We specialize in the Massachusetts health insurance market . This results in our ability to provide the most accurate and up-to-date guidance with respect to the state mandates, and whether a group is putting claims at risk, or exposing itself to fines for non-compliance with those mandates.


Licensed with multiple carriers

Our company is licensed with every carrier operating in Massachusetts who does not require us to exclusively sell their products or meet their production requirements. This allows us to shop for the policy that's right for you, not the insurance companies.

Offer additional plans

Our service extends into individual and business insurance and retirement plans, as well as, savings plans for education and emergencies.

We are small business experts

For fast and reliable quotes for any of our products, please navigate to the product of your interest and submit the corresponding form. You may also give us a call at our office, at: 1-800-890-HELP (Eastern Massachusetts only).

Health Insurance Rate Hikes on the Way for Young Adults?

Rep. Andy Harris, (R-Md.), on reports health insurance rates for the young workers are expected to rise to pay for the health-care costs of older adults.

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The Retailers Association of Massachusetts Health Insurance Cooperative (RAMHIC) Health Care Vision

The Retailers Association of Massachusetts Health Insurance Cooperative (RAMHIC) has a vision for the future of health care.

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