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Moving to Queensland During Covid? – Everything you need to know!

by Jan Pickering

Can you move from Sydney to the Gold Coast during lockdown? The short answer is yes.  Each State Government considers removalists to be a ‘essential service’ under freight and logistics standards and can transfer your belongings.  However, we strongly advise that your check and view current information from each Australian State Government to assist answer your questions about relocating during Coronavirus border restrictions and self-isolation lockdowns.  You can find a link to each state government below where you will be able to find the latest up-to-date information on interstate travel.










Are you allowed to move house during lock-down?

Yes you can.  Currently, removalists, as a vital logistics  and essential service, may transport your items in Australia either locally or interstate. If you are relocating from Melbourne Hot Spots, please examine the most up-to-date information and links in the state-by-state breakdown below. We aggressively encourage safe movement practices with enhanced cleanliness and social distance whenever feasible through our partners. We also urge that you notify the Removalist in advance if you have, are displaying symptoms of, or have been in touch with anybody who has COVID-19 so that they can best assist your move / relocation schedule safely following any appropriate quarantine procedures.


Are furniture removalists classed as an Essential Service?

Yes they are.  Despite recent modifications to border restrictions, each State Government considers removalists to be a ‘essential service’ under freight and logistics criteria and can transfer your items interstate.


Are you allowed to move Interstate during Covid border restriction and lockdowns?

Yes, for the time being, with evidence of residency, an approved exemption, and approved border crossing passes and declarations.

Some Australian state governments have begun to limit access to specific jurisdictions or have mandated varying levels of quarantine / self-isolation. Most states have a border pass system that determines whether or not you are permitted to visit to that place.  Refer to the links about for a state-by-state analysis.

Removalists are working hard to provide as much flexibility as possible so that you may schedule with confidence, knowing that if unexpected developments occur, there will be alternatives for delaying moves or refunding or crediting deposits where feasible.



Can I re-locate to Brisbane from Sydney during border restrictions and lock-down?

Yes, however there are restrictions and guidelines you must follow, they are as follows below.

Before entering Queensland you must:

To enter Queensland from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, including returning Queensland residents, you must complete a Queensland entrance pass.  This ensure we can promptly contact you if an interstate exposure venue or hotspot is declared provided you complete a Queensland entrance pass. This assists us in lowering the danger of COVID-19 in Queensland and managing outbreaks.

  • You must complete the Queensland entrance permit within three days before traveling to Queensland. It just takes a few minutes to complete, and your declaration will be emailed to you.
  • You’ll be asked where you’ve been in the previous 14 days. You must include all states and territories you have visited, even if your visit was brief or you only passed through.
  • If the conditions change or you need to amend your trip details, you must submit a new declaration with the revised information before entering Queensland.

There are also some extra restrictions when accessing from a hotspot.

If you have visited a COVID-19 hotspot within the previous 14 days or since the hotspot’s start date (whichever is shorter), you will be denied entry into Queensland save for a restricted range of necessary purposes. Residents of Queensland who have been in a COVID-19 hotspot can fly home, and new residents can move to Queensland.

If you are granted permission to enter Queensland, you must:

  • Fulfill the required quarantine period of 14 days Determine where you will be quarantined.
  • From the moment you submit a declaration until 14 days after arrival in Queensland, you must review the list of interstate exposure venues regularly (at least once every 24 hours). If you become aware that you have been to an interstate exposure venue after entering government-arranged quarantine, you must notify the venue health management. If you are ordered to quarantine in a private house, you must complete the contact tracing form found on the contact tracing webpage.
  • Complete the Queensland entrance pass



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